HCG Diet And How Does It Work?

The HCG diet is a medical weight loss program. A strict HCG plan can be hard to maintain for people. One can have heavy vegetables and lean protein in their diet. The weight loss program includes whole food eating and hormone therapy. 

HCG Diet And How Does It Work

You’ll avoid even trying any easy diet and feel uncomfortable subsisting on a few calories in many instances. However, if you stick to the HCG diet by combining it with HCG injections and oral drops, it gives a significant result. It even resets your body’s metabolism level, making you feel full on a few calories. 

Sustanon 250 is known for cutting fat and boosting protein synthesis, resulting in fast, lean muscles—often included with diet and HCG for optimum results.

How does it work? 

The diet consists of phrases; together, they’re known as ‘round.’ You’ve to maintain the diet typically; you can lose 18-25 lbs per round within a month. If you want to lose more, there needs to be a gap of 3 weeks after the final phase, and then you can start another round.  

Let’s start with the preparation phase or Phase 1 – Loading.

This phase is not in all HCG diet protocols, but it is prevalent. You have to eat healthy during these two day phases. You’ve to consume as much healthy fat as possible. You can include cheating meals to satisfy your cravings and prepare yourself for the next step. 

Phase 2 – Weight loss 

Here, you’ve to eat very cautiously in this phase as there is no room for error. Your calorie intake gets restricted to 500 per day while using HCG to either take it orally or injections.  

Phase 3 – Transition 

In this step, you have to consume the same food from phase 2, but slowly the amount gets more. It’s a re-introduction period, where calories and foods need a balance.  

Phase 4 or known as maintenance  

Maintain your health and weight balance for life long. It’s a crucial part of the HCG diet. You will build the skill which is necessary for a lifetime.  

During pregnancy, the female body produces the HCG hormone, and the promoters claim that HCG could reduce the feeling of hunger and fix eating problems. Yes, the result of the HCG diet can be prominent as it allows your body to take only 500 calories. The diet includes minor or relatively negligible fat consumption. HCG diet may promote weight loss, but it puts people into malnutrition and low mood.  

A person has to understand that HCG doesn’t force anyone to lose weight. It helps your body transform and creates necessary reactions to make your body ready for a rapid weight loss. However, the backbone of this diet is weight-loss food. The food will help you attain your goal and keep you healthy.  

Final thoughts

The HCG weight loss plan can be amazingly versatile. The foods don’t include any processed food; they only include food in careful portions. The list has lean protein, carbs, and many fruits and vegetables. The result is much higher than the keto diet or any other diet.

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