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Obelit is basically an anti obesity Generic capsule. As the name suggests, it helps to treat patients primarily suffering from obesity. It also further helps in weight loss in general, and not gaining weight further. By the usage of this capsule, you will also become detached from your eating habits if you are accustomed to overeating or eating frequently.

It helps in blocking the absorption of the fats by the body which is mainly done by the stomach and the intestine. For the perfect amount of benefit, it is said that the obesity patients should also start maintaining a low calorie diet. It is better if they also start practising free hand exercises at home or should go out for strolling or jogging in either morning or evening.

Dosage mechanism of Obelit

First things first, if you are an adult only then you are eligible to use this medicine. All you need to ensure is the meal that you are having does not contain more than 30 percent fats. This is a must. Otherwise there is no point taking the obelit capsule as it won’t give you the desired results.

Then you need to take it three times a day along with all major meals, i.e., breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, there is a relaxation that has been provided to you on this front. If suppose you miss taking the capsule at the time of a meal which contains very little amount of carbohydrates or fats. Then you are allowed to skip taking the dose for that particular meal.

Uses of obelit(Directions of Medicine).

Although it has been said above, still we would like to summarise the uses of obelit for you so that you can be sure about them before using it

  • It is used to treat obesity patients, particularly those who have been a long time victim of obesity.
  • It is also taken to lose weight. Gaining excessive weight is not good for health.
  • It is only for adults. Children or teenagers, particularly those who are in their adolescence period are strictly not allowed to use this medicine.

Side effects of using it

There are a variety of side effects of using this capsule. We know that if any medicine is not used properly, then there are high chances of negative side effects which might prove to be fatal in a lot of cases. Hence, it is always prescribed that you consult a doctor or a physician. Even a pharmacist would do, but make sure to take their help before using the medicine. Do not use the medicine even without looking at the label that it comes with. It is suggested that if you want to practice it at home you should first read the instructions.

The wide range of side effects that may occur otherwise are listed below

  • It may lead to unusual tiredness and weakness. At times you might feel so fatigued that you might find it increasingly difficult to move your nerves.
  • Teeth problems might occur. You might start feeling a chilling sensation or acute pain in your teeth.
  • Abdominal pain and rectal pain are common phenomena that can be categorised under side effects. These may prove to be fatal for the body.
  • Vomiting, loose motion, yellowing of eyes and skin, pale body colour are some of the other symptoms of side effects of the usage of Obelit.
  • Abnormal bowel movements, which might prove to be fatal have huge possibilities.
  • You might experience lack of sleep. It is not insomnia, but it is the side effect of the usage of Obelit if you do not follow the instructions that are mentioned in this article. As we all know, 8 to 10 hours of sleep should be mandatory for a healthy adult every day.

Who should not use it?

The use of obelit is strictly unadvisable during pregnancy. And this comes with the condition that no matter how much obese you are, if you are pregnant you should not use this tablet. That being said, if you have other problems like issues related to gall bladder or urinary bladder, then also the use of obelit is strictly not advisable. Patients who are suffering from thyroid problems and liver disorders should also be devoid of usage of Obelit. If you are a smoker or an alcohol consumer, it is suggested that you quit your habits if you want to consume this capsule. This capsule is not recommended for those who are still in the phase of adolescence; it is only for those who are proper adults.


If you follow the aforementioned instructions then you will reap the best benefits of this capsule. This is because it is only for the treatment of limited diseases and if you do not follow that, it might lead to fatal side effects which are not desirable.


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How to store?

Store at room temperature Store at 25°C.

How long does it last?

Do not use these Drugs more than 6 months, it’s not safe for your health.

Who Manufacturer Obelit?

This generic pills Manufacturer by Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Active ingredient of Obelit?


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