Ovidac 5000 IU Injection

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Ovidac HCG (Human chorionic gonadotropin) injection used to cure female infertility, Cryptorchidism (delayed puberty) and also used in the treatment of weight loss. Normally doctor suggests taking the first prescription of generic ovidac 5000 IU injection to treat disease-related to women pregnancy and infertility in females.


Ovidac 5000 IU Injection

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What is Ovidac 5000 Injection?

Ovidac 5K HP Injection is used in the treatment of infertility in females. It is also helpful in the treatment of male hypogonadism.

What is the Use of Ovidac Injection?

ovidac generic Injection contains Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) as an active agent. This is a hormone that helps in the development of eggs in a woman’s ovary. It treats infertility in both men and women. In girls, it develops the sexual traits and stimulates the release of an egg during ovulation. And in boys, it treats pituitary gland disorder and also increases the sperm count.

Although this medicine is helpful, it should only be used when prescribed by your doctor. There are some situations where you should avoid this generic medicine at any cost, and on normal days, a few precautions are also to be taken care of. you can also use testosterone propionate base organon sustanon 250 from online that will definetly help you.

When is Ovidac Prescribed?

This generic Injection is prescribed when a man or a woman suffers from infertility. However, this is not enough. Not every infertile man or woman can be prescribed to take this medicine. A thorough examination is to be done to note the condition of the body.

Several things are to be considered. Situations, where the patient takes any other medication, or is suffering from some other disease, or is allergic to some medicines, can make a difference regarding the prescription of this generic medicine. This is why the supervision of a doctor or a professional health care provider is very important.

Uses of Ovidac Injection?

ovidac 5000 iu injection

This medicine is used to treat the following conditions.

Female Infertility

  • This generic injection is used for treating women who are infertile. When a woman has not faced menopause yet but still is not able to conceive, such a situation is treated using this injection.

Male infertility

  • When a lack of specific hormonal secretion deficit in the body causes a man to be infertile, it is treated using this medicine. It helps to increase the sperm count.


  • A disorder in male children where one of both the testes is not descended into the scrotal sac is called cryptorchidism. This generic injection helps in the treatment of this condition also.

How does Ovidac Work?

It works by releasing the eggs from the ovary in women and by increasing the testosterone level in men.

What is the Dosage of HCG Injection?

You should never decide the 10000 IU or 5000 IU dosage of this medicine yourself. Tell your doctor about the problems that you’re facing. Also, let him know if you’re taking any other medications or if you’re allergic to Ovidac. Then follow the dosage as prescribed by the doctor and stick to it.

Missed Dose

In case you miss a scheduled dose of the medicine, let your doctor know about it and ask for further during pregnancy.

Over Dose

If you suspect an overdose with this generic medicine, contact your doctor and allow him to make the decision.

What are the Side Effects of Ovidac?

There are certain side effects that seem to emerge with the use of HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin). Here are the possible minor side effects that you may notice:

Minor Side Effect 

  • Hypersensitivity reactions
  • Cavities collecting excessive water fluids
  • Fatigue
  • Buzzing in the ears

Major Side Effect 

  • Headache
  • Allergic skin reactions
  • Mood swings
  • Restlessness and irritability
  • Depression
  • Enlargement of breasts
  • Rapid weight gain (Bodybuilding)

This generic medicine might also show reactions that are not mentioned in the list.

Who Manufactures Ovidac?

Ovidac 5000 IU injection is manufactured by India’s well know a pharmaceutical company called Bayer zydus pharma.

What Precautions needed to be taken care of?

General instructions and warnings include conditions where you should not use this medicine, and the rest is decided by your doctor.

 General instructions

As important as it is, you should always take this medicine as directed by your doctor. This medicine needs the supervision of a doctor or a trained health professional.

 General warnings

Here is the list of some special population who is not allowed to use this medicine:

Pregnant women

  • The use of this medicine in pregnancy is not recommended at all.


  • Women who are breastfeeding should avoid this medicine unless absolutely necessary. Let your doctor know everything and stick to the precautions he states.

Hormonal disorder

  • Patients with hormonal disorders are required to take this medicine with absolute caution.

Prostate cancer

  • Patients with prostate cancer or androgen-dependent tumors are not recommended to use Ovidac. In case it becomes necessary to take this medicine, a thorough examination should be done before the commencement of treatment.

When not to Use it?

Some conditions make the use of this HCG injection inadvisable. They are:


  •  If you already know that you have a history of allergy to medicines with gonadotropin, you should not use this medicine.

Prostate cancer or androgen-dependent tumors

  • Prostate cancer patients or the ones with androgen-dependent tumors are not recommended to use this medicine.

Precocious puberty

  • Children who have attained puberty at a very early age are not supposed to use this medicine.

These are the general situations where the use is unapproved. Even for cases other than these, you should visit a doctor before you commence its intake.

How long does the last 5000 Ovidac?

It does log last up to 10-24 hours

How to store?

  • HCG injection should be kept in the fridge until use. Don’t freeze.
  • Keep each vial in the packet in order to protect it.
  • Don’t use it after the expiry date.
  • Keep away from  kids

How to mix ovidac 5000 iu?

You can consult your doctor to mix ovidac 5000 IU injection because the doctor is the right person to do so. The dose and how often you take it depends on what you are taking it for. You should take this medicine for as long as it is prescribed for you by the doctor.

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