Somatropin (S-tropin) 10iu

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Somatropin (S-tropin) 10iu

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S-tropin, or Somatropin is a widely used drug for the treatment of a variety of diseases or declining health conditions. It is used to treat intestinal disorder and HIV related weight loss. Another very important use of S-tropin is while treating chromosomal disorders. As we know, there are various chromosomal disorders like Noonan syndrome, Turner’s syndrome etc. Somatropin plays a major role in the treatment of such diseases.

That being said, the most prominent role of S-tropin is to maintain height disorders. There are many kids who do not grow fast. They have a growth hormone deficiency which often hinders their growth. As a result of that, they develop height disorders. A lot of such cases are occurring in the modern world, some of which often become viral on television. To detect and treat this growth failure, S-tropin plays a major role.

What is an active ingredient in S-tropin?


More about the S-tropin injection

S-tropin injection is widely available these days due to the increasing number of growth hormone deficiency in children over the years. Although this is mainly applicable for children, there are many adults too who lack the natural growth hormone. A lot of adults also suffer from short bowel syndrome. We all know that losing weight is mandatory in order to lead a healthy life but is excessive weight loss advisable? Certainly not. To prevent excessive weight loss that is related to AIDS primarily, S-tropin is used. It acts as a perfect antidote to this phenomenon.

How does it work? The dosage mechanism.

The mechanism of S-tropin is not difficult, however it needs to be followed very carefully as otherwise, there are a lot of side effects. To start with, it is always advisable that you consult a physician or a pharmacist to carry out the injecting process. It is generally injected on the skin.

There are a lot of other factors too on which the injection of S-tropin depends on. It depends on your height, weight, age and medical condition. For example, if you are a normal adult, aged 21 and you have a proper height according to that age, then you do not need to use S-tropin. Do not shake the solution; as if you shake it, then it might not yield the proper and desired results. Also, before injecting do have a check whether there are particles submerged inside the solution.

However, all these possibilities are not supposed to arise if you take help from a pharmacist or at least go through the manual of the medicine once before proceeding with the injecting process.

How to use it(directions)?

The usage of S-tropin is completely dependent on the factors which the patient is encountering. As already mentioned above, if you have height deficiency, you can proceed with its usage. If you are suffering from severe weight loss, you can proceed with its usage. But if you do not have any of these problems, and if you are suffering from any other problem like say mild fever, then this medicine is not of your use for treatment of that.

Who should not use it?

Before using it, you should undertake a thorough research. Like, there are substances in S-tropin like benzyl alcohol. These induce allergies. There might be the case that you are already a patient who is susceptible to allergies. Hence, in such cases it is strictly unadvisable for you to use Somatropin. There are other factors that you need to look on to as well. Tell your doctor if you are suffering from liver failure, diabetes, and kidney diseases, etc. It is always recommended that you take up help from a doctor and do not carry out these procedures on your own. Also, if you have ever faced health problems like high blood sugar level and eye problems, this medicine is not for you.

It is also dependent on your family’s medical background. If you have a family history of suffering from diabetes, eye disorders, or if you have ever undergone a serious operation, then the usage of this medicine is not recommended for you.

Overdose and side effects

The usage of somatropin comes with a lot of side effects which may be fatal.

  • If you give an overdose, it acts as a poison. Then you need to call a helpline and it will be very difficult from you to recover from that condition.
  • Other than that you will encounter other problems like your heartbeat will increase, you will experience unreal dizziness.
  • At the same time, you might also develop a headache. People suffering from migraine problem are hence advised not to consume this drug.
  • You will start feeling nauseating all of a sudden.


It can be thus concluded that S-tropin is a very useful drug but only while treating a specific set of medicines. In other cases, its side effects are plenty which might be fatal as well. Hence, always take the help of a doctor.

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How to store?

Store S-tropin medicines in the refrigerator at 2-8°C, Keep away from heat and direct light. Don’t freeze drugs unless required by package insert. Keep away these pills from children and pets.


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